Flat feet (known as ‘Pes Planus’ or ‘Planovalgus’) are a common complaint of patients coming to the clinic. Parents may be concerned about the appearance of their child’s feet, their ‘gait’ (walking pattern) or the child may complain of tired feet. Your surgeon will be able to fully assess your child’s feet and to make arrangements for insoles, or (rarely) surgery if appropriate.

The development of a flat foot or “dropped arches” in an adult may occur for a number of reasons. Most commonly in women in their 40s or 50s, the cause is Tibialis Posterior Insufficiency (TPI). In this condition, the arch of the foot drops, along with pain and swelling on the inner ankle / inside of foot. This usually causes problems with standing or walking for long periods and difficulty with shoe wear.

The initial treatment is usually insoles or shoe modifications along with observation, to ensure significant stiffness does not develop. If non-operative measures fail, then surgery may be necessary, to reconstruct the shape of the foot. This kind of surgery is major but, although the rehabilitation period is long, results are usually very good.

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