Calcaneal Fractures

This is a fracture of the heel bone which commonly happens when falling from a height, e.g. from a ladder, roof or an attic. These incidents are reducing as a result of improved health and safety standards. The treatment for these fractures depend on the pattern of injury, general state of the patient and expectations. The fractures can be treated with plaster or an operation. Both Consultant Surgeons at the Windsor Foot & Ankle Clinic perform minimal invasive surgery for calcaneal fractures, if appropriate.

Ankle Fractures

This is the most common fracture in the lower limb and can vary from a very simple fracture to a complex injury. The treatment for each fracture is unique and will depend on the type of fracture, displacement and severity of injury. The consultants at Windsor Foot & Ankle Clinic will have a discussion with the patient regarding the pattern of injury and the best way to treat the fracture to achieve a successful outcome.

Fifth Metatarsal Fractures

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Lisfranc Fractures

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Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are relatively common in the lower limbs, and may affect almost any bone in the foot or leg. There is always an underlying cause, either intrinsic (brittle bones, poor biomechanics) or extrinsic (inappropriate footwear, training regime, running surface etc). Treatment is tailored to the individual fracture and therefore involves careful assessment of the cause. Usually relative rest or immobilisation is prescribed, but occasionally operative fixation of the fracture is required.

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