Insoles (otherwise known as Orthotics or Orthoses) can help with a variety of disorders of the foot and ankle, not to mention some other conditions affecting the lower limbs and spine (for example shin splints). By altering the shape of the sole of your foot with an insole, the pressures across the sole of the foot and even the alignment of the legs can be changed. The science behind this is known as biomechanics.

Simple insoles can be purchased on the high street or prescribed and supplied by your surgeon in the Windsor Foot and Ankle Clinic. Sometimes, bespoke insoles are needed, and can be made by a Podiatrist or Orthotist. We work closely with Podiatrists and Orthotists in the clinic, who can help you if required.

Podiatrists allied to our clinic:

Mr Mike O’Neill – for appointments call 01753 857512

Mr Arun Bhargava – for appointments call 01753 646310

Sometimes splints, supports, braces or immobilisers are necessary to treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle, and we are also able to supply these at the Windsor Foot and Ankle Clinic as appropriate, please see our Product page for more details.