In November 2017 Mr Clark performed Total Ankle Replacement surgery on my left ankle and in so doing gave me back my life. My history with this ankle dates back 25 years but during most of that time, although ‘confident of pain’ and often walking with a slight limp, it had not prevented me from leading a relatively normal and active life. In April 2016 this all changed, a rapid deterioration occurred and I was referred to Mr Clark. Following X-ray and MRI investigation Mr Clark explained how there was little or no cartilage in my ankle joint and that he felt an ankle replacement would be the best course of action. This is no small undertaking and was a hard pill to swallow. Mr Clark clearly explained the procedure, what to expect afterwards and engaged me in the process. He dealt with all my concerns with clarity and honesty, ensuring that my post op expectations were realistic (which was important as I enjoy mountain biking and other outdoor activities, which I can still do but with some restrictions). Prior to surgery, I was unable to go to the shops, walk my dog, stand for more than a couple of minutes and found myself spending most of every day just sitting and dreading having to stand. Five months on, having diligently followed my physiotherapy plan, I continue to be pain free and leading a normal life again, swimming, walking, gardening, beginning to introduce cycling, mountain biking (with care) and just simply being able to participate in family life. I particularly like Mr Clark’s quiet and calm manner and was super impressed with the quality of his suturing! For me now, ‘every day is Christmas Day’, and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, Mr Clark. May 2018  
Total Ankle Replacement Surgery
 While I was walking in Windsor I had this excruciating pain in my right foot. I saw my GP - then had an X-ray – but this didn’t show anything. I was on pain relief every 4 hours for months and months. At the time I was seeing Katie Relf from South Bucks Physiotherapists and after talking with her we decided that I should see Callum Clark. The diagnosis was a ruptured tendon and I went onto have reconstruction surgery 20 months ago. Mr Clark did an amazing job and my foot is absolutely great now. I’m back fell walking and have had no further problems since. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done. Spring 2015 
My reconstructive surgery with Mr Clark
 Having slipped on ice on Boxing Day 2010 I fractured my left ankle. Having two operations to fix it, it remained very painful and restricted my everyday life. After suffering for two and half years I could not continue with the severe ankle pain and was recommended Mr Clark at the Windsor Foot and Ankle Clinic. My first visit was a very reassuring and helpful visit. It was good to be told that there were answers to fixing my ankle and having no pain. He explained everything clearly showing me the x-rays and didn’t matter what questions I had they were answered so everything was clear. I decided to have my ankle fused and the procedure was carried out at Princess Margaret Hospital by Mr Clark. The operation went well and the nurses were excellent. I was never in pain and was always very comfortable. I went home and rested and rested as I was desperate for this operation to be successful. I had regular check-ups afterwards to make sure everything was on course and they were always quick and efficient. Mr Clark always explained things to me clearly throughout the process. It was also never a problem to call Sharon, his secretary if I had any queries. She was always so helpful. Unfortunately 2 weeks after coming out of cast and getting back to normal, I suffered a knee stress fracture in my left knee. Again Mr Clark helped and advised me through this unfortunate set back. I can now say that I have a pain free ankle with only slight loss of movement and my knee is fine. The whole experience of Mr Clark and Windsor Foot and Ankle Clinic was made much easier by the friendly professionalism and has turned my life around. Spring 2015 
Now I am pain free
 My experience of Hallux Valgus & Cheilectomy Surgery performed by Mr Callum Clark. I am aged 66 and reasonably fit and active, I decided to go ahead with the corrective surgery after consultation with Mr Callum Clark. The consultation with Mr Callum Clark was very reassuring and informative. Although everything was thoroughly explained to me about the procedure and the recovery time involved I was still rather apprehensive. I soon realised that this was a very small price to pay for an outstanding result with minimal pain. I did follow the instruction to keep my foot elevated for the first two weeks following surgery, and when the dressing came off after this time I was thrilled with what I saw. I soon got used to wearing the DARCO shoe, and made sure that I kept my foot in the shoe and elevated for a further three weeks. Just walking around the house and garden for a few minutes at a time. At my next appointment with Mr Callum Clark, he showed me my x-rays and told me that I no longer needed to wear the shoe. I was also advised of exercises that I should do to further increase the flexibility of my Big Toe following the Cheilectomy. The results six weeks after the procedure could not be better, am walking for longer each day – wearing Sketchers GO – WALK. I have a minimal scar at the side of my foot – which has healed well and not even noticeable at this stage – there some swelling that is causing no problems at all and I been assured that will go down in within the next few months although it is hardly noticeable seven weeks after surgery. My only advice would be to thoroughly prepare yourself for a few weeks of immobility i.e.: prepare meals etc; enlist the help of family and friends, some good books and DVD’s. Embrace the time to pamper yourself. I cannot thank Mr Callum Clark and the team at the Windsor Foot & Ankle Clinic enough for all the care and support give to me. Spring 2015 
Hallux Valgus and Cheilectomy Surgery
 I had a longstanding debilitating pain in my Achilles tendon. I had multiple sessions with a physiotherapist to no avail. Finally they recommended I see Mr Dega, an orthopaedic consultant with a specialist interest in foot and ankle disorders. Following my initial consultation and MRI with Mr Dega he advised that we try shockwave therapy treatment rather than injections or even possible surgery. After three sessions I have found my condition almost cured. I am now pain free and able to continue with my active life as normal. I can walk my dog without a twinge and even exercise. Prior to my shockwave treatment with Mr Dega I found my life to be compromised with the pain. I was unable to exercise or even walk properly. All of that has now changed. I cannot thank Mr Dega enough in helping me. Spring 2015 
Shockwave therapy treatment
 My experience was a very positive one. I had a great deal of pain and could not walk more than 300 metres. I was surprised when told I would only need a few sessions and was very sceptical. Mr Dega was extremely pleasant and explained the procedure all the way through. The treatment was painful but not unbearable and the difference that it made was remarkable. Within 4 weeks I was moving relatively pain free and within 8 weeks I was back to normal. 4 months later and I am still pain free.  I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering like I was as the difference it made to me was immense. Spring 2015 
Kim from Slough with her shockwave treatment
 Dear Mr Dega - A belated but nonetheless heartfelt thank you to you and your team. You performed a revision hallux valgus correction to my right foot last year. I am delighted to tell you that now, nearly ten months on from the operation, my foot has settled down and I can walk comfortably in a variety of shoes - for the first time in years!!  I am delighted and very grateful indeed for the expertise of you and your team - AW -Bracknell. May 2015 
Hallux Valgus correction
 I had ankle fusion surgery in February 2015, eight weeks after having lumbar spine fusion. I chose Mr Dega for my ankle surgery as he was recommended to me as a surgeon who delivers positive outcomes. I found him straightforward, informative and pleasant. Throughout the whole process he answered all my questions, was encouraging and clear in his advice. Now, 5 months after the surgery my ankle has no scars, is not swollen is fully fused and only aches a bit. I am very pleased with the results.It is a long and slow process and I am still struggling to find an even gait but that is because I had back and ankle surgery and have weakened my muscles during recovery. The things I discovered that helped were, Definitely rest with your ankle above the rest of your body. It helps a lot. In the 6 week period of “no weight bearing” I used a knee trolley to scoot around the house instead of crutches - this was brilliant and I never put my foot down by mistake or in sheer frustration like you can with crutches. It also seemed to help that I had a bed downstairs and took care not to try and accelerate progress but followed exactly the advice I was given.  Having said that I did manage to perform in plaster and in the surgical boot (I’m a drummer in a rockband). I hope I dont have to have the other ankle fused but if I do, I would certainly return to Mr Dega. Lucy from Sunningdale (Age 56) Spring 2015 
My ankle fusion with Mr Dega
 My experience of treatment via Mr Raman Dega and the Windsor Foot and Ankle Clinic has been a positive one. I found myself in late 2016 suffering from unexplained ankle pain in my left leg, this gradually worsened to the degree that when I saw my GP, it had progressed to a stage that working and routine walking was becoming more problematic and painful. In 2017 I was referred to Mr Dega. I was somewhat surprised when told from the initial consultation, after scans, examination and x-rays that I would need ankle fusion surgery due to the onset of arthritis to my ankle joint. I also needed a bone graft from my leg to supply the material for Mr Dega to rebuild the damaged joint. Mr Dega was extremely pleasant and thorough in how he explained the procedure and treatment required, including arranging for a series of steroid injections to allow me to have the surgery at a time to fit around my working and family commitments. I underwent surgery in late August 2017 and the subsequent recuperation was painful but not unbearable. The difference that it has made to me thus far is quite remarkable. I chose Mr Dega for my ankle surgery as he was recommended to me as an experienced surgeon in this particular field, both by my GP and through my healthcare provider. In my meetings with him I found him straightforward, informative and most importantly he answered all my questions, concerns and was clear in his advice. It has been quite a long recovery and at times it felt like a slow process, however aided by the physiotherapy undertaken after the operation I was mobile after 4-5 weeks non-weight bearing and back to work in the protective boot as soon as the cast was removed after 7-8 weeks. Around 14 weeks after the surgery I was walking again (albeit slowly until my confidence grew again) without the Air-Cast Boot and without any crutches, and more importantly I was walking pain-free. Now, 7 months after the surgery my ankle is no longer swollen and is fully fused. It only ever aches a bit after a particularly long day at work or excessive walking. I am extremely pleased with the results, to say the least. I sincerely hope I don’t have to go through this process again on my right ankle, but if I did Windsor Foot & Ankle Clinic would be my first port of call. Neil – Aged 48 – Berkshire     April 2018 
Ankle Fusion Surgery